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  1. I find Wilner pretty harmless as far as bad analysts/on air personalities go. I don't love him, but he's not offensive to me.
  2. Yeah, but that's because you're an asshole, though.
  3. Just met Mike Wilner in San Fran buying ice cream. Nice guy.
  4. It was not pretty. Luckily I was slash am very drunj. Better luck tomorrow!
  5. I'm currently in Oakland getting ready to watch this series. Gonna be interesting to see so many young guys in the lineup.
  6. I'm on my way to Oakland to watch the crumbling, miserable Blue Jays plays the A's. Then I'm following it up with Seattle and the Jays. Should be fun.
  7. Lol. That's incredibly bad. David Clarkson without the small semblance of skill. Jesus.
  8. 2018 NHL Off-Season

    Kucherov resigns. 8 years, 9.5 or something. Good deal for the Bolts.
  9. Leafs sign John Tavares

    Not enough truculence. Trade him.
  10. Leafs sign John Tavares

    Guys, I don't know how popular this opinion is going to be, but I like this.
  11. #JoorisWatch is over. 1 year, 650k.
  12. Polak signs in Dallas, JVR in Philly. Which #8 Dman is gonna play #1 minutes now?
  13. I'm all in on Tavares. If we don't sign him I'll be slightly upset and then get over it in a short period of time. That's my all in.