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  1. Blue Jays offseason 2018-19

    I know this is a Jays thread but... EDGAR!
  2. Anyone know what the moneyline was on this game yesterday? Would have been worth a risk laying a couple bucks on Zona. They're one of the best road teams in the league and the Leafs apparently hate their fans and don't like winning in their own barn.
  3. I know there are high expectations with this team and there are a lot of expectations to man-handle half of the league en route to an easy win but that's not the way it works. You're going to lose games to teams at the bottom and it's going to happen more than once in a season. The Bruins lost last night at home to the Rangers and lost against the Flyers a couple nights ago. The Predators lost at home to the Panthers last night. Washington lost to the Blues earlier in the week, so on and so forth. The Leafs are sixth place in the entire league with the 4th best goal differential. This team is very good and there are a lot of things to be happy about.
  4. It just feels right when Auston Matthews scores
  5. Get Yonge Street ready. We've got a parade to plan.
  6. 2019 World Juniors

    Canada layin' an ass whoopin' right now. 5-0 and counting on the Danes.
  7. Two tough ones for Sparks. Not on him. Kryl's right. Steamroll in the second.
  8. Carter Hart getting called up to this join this tire fire in Philly is an interesting move.
  9. Random Thoughts #2

    I can't believe how quickly things seem to move since our son was born. I feel like the next two decades are going to be a blur.
  10. Random Thoughts #2

    In the last year I managed to get married, buy a house and have a kid. I don't move very quickly and am still shocked that all of this happened in what I perceive to be a very short window. I guess I'm an adult now...
  11. I couldn't agree more. I've got Center Ice again this year and when the Leafs aren't playing, I tune in to Tampa. They are loaded with talent. A playoff series against them would be so much fun.