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  1. Thats a nice looking power play... Thats 3 now.
  2. Funny how when they do everything you want them to do they lose...
  3. He really makes himself look small.
  4. Leafs approaching 40 shots late in the 2nd.
  5. They're facing a 22 year old rookie from Bulgaria. You knew this was coming.
  6. Exactly, have the down low play with JT and Kadri, but also the ability to move it up top between Rielly, Marner, and Mattews. should open a lot more lanes. Would also like to Rielly and Marner shoot more. Would draw the high PK farther up.
  7. The Leafs actually have a game today. Sparks starts, otherwise same lineup. No Lundqvist for Rangers. Alexander Georgiev starts for NYR Joe Bowen has a cold, Paul Hendrick doing the radio play-by-play.