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  1. There are at least 3 defensemen on this team consistantly worse than Gardiner.
  2. Reports Edmonton is on the verge of firing Peter Chiarelli. Days after allowing him to sign an unproven goalie to a rediculous contract.
  3. They're waiting until Wednesday to call up Trevor Moore.
  4. Indeed. Their expected goal differential is very low right now. They're scoring about 1 less goal per game than they really should be. In November and most of December they were scoring about 1.5 more goals per game thanthey should have been,
  5. It's kind of perplexing when you look at their advanced stats. I compared Corsi, Fenwick, and PDO since Decemeber 1st between the Leafs and Tampa. The numbers are almost identical. The Leafs are slightly ahead in CF%, but basically dead even in FF% and PDO. Goal differential in that time the Leafs are +8 and Tampa is +11... Yet in this span one team is 19-3-1, while the other is 11-9-2, sub playoff numbers... They're kind of the Anti-Randy Carlyle team now. They're actually doing what they should be doing to win, but they aren't.
  6. Once again outworked, outplayed by a weaker team.
  7. No call for Matthews. Chinsey call on Brown. Sounds about right.