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  1. Any way they tie it into the 80s Oilers they will.
  2. JVR out for 5-6 weeks with a lower body injury.
  3. Don't jinx it by putting an expected timeframe on it, Dubie. Just git er done.
  4. The regular season is finally here!!!
  5. I like Holl on the wing. Hattrick next game.
  6. What the eyeball seems to be showing me if that it looks as though other teams are not giving the Leafs as much time as the were in the first quarter of the season (PP and 5X5). Those seam passes are gone. Auston doesn't have as much time to shoot as he did. They're crowing Marner, Rielly, and Tavares where before they had more room to maneuvre and make plays. Passes are getting tipped and shots blocked or deflected. They're missing more nets with their shots. Not sure what matrix would measure those things but that's what it feels like I'm seeing out there more than before.
  7. I'm gonna be optimistic and hope that this is one of those "trails and tribulations" times that a championship calibre team needs to go through, and come out stronger on the other side, before they can win. They need to keep grinding through this until they finally figure it out. Or conversely, they don't figure it out... And Dubas has some hard decisions to make in the offseason.
  8. No. But you lean more towards the rougher play.
  9. I'm not disagreeing. There's no way they should've lost that game if they played with heart and balls.
  10. Four. Four shots on goal 3 1/2 minutes into the 2nd period. The SECOND period.
  11. See how much faster the Bolts move the puck around on the PP?
  12. Not sure. But Zaitsev has been shit for 2 seasons now.
  13. As is the defensive played in front of him.
  14. That's his season record. With the Leafs he's 2-3 with a 2.64 GAA and a .914 SV%
  15. He doesn't want to play here.
  16. That would be wonderful. What's the ask?