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  1. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    It's the condescending nature that gets to most.
  2. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Wilner's pretty annoying on air and Twitter. He's earned a cone or two in his face over the years.
  3. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Tonight's lineup is vomit inducing. Enjoy.
  4. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    For Ken Giles, Hector Perez, and David Paulino.
  5. Hockey 24|7? @iamhockey1 FollowFollow @iamhockey1 #leafs expected to announce all three contract extensions some time in August (at the same time). They will lock up Matthews, Marner and Nylander long term. Hearing Matthews and Marner are willing to take a bit less to win multiple championships.
  6. NHL Rumor Mill? @NHL_Rumorss FollowFollow @NHL_Rumorss NHL Rumor Mill Retweeted NHL Rumor Mill Source: Both sides making good progress on the @AM34 deal. I'm told you can begin to expect an 8 year $92 million deal announced within the next week or two. #TOR #Leafs #leafsnation
  7. Speculation that the Leafs are in talks with the Blue re: Colton Parayko.
  8. 2018 NHL Off-Season

    It's enjoyable seeing other teams do what the Leafs used to do.
  9. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Happ isn't that good. I told everyone two B-level prospects is about all you can hope to get. Not sure they even got that.
  10. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    They basically traded for a younger Solarte and a Dwight Smith Jr. I too would've rather had a high risk, high reward guy, rather than high floor, low ceiling.
  11. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Meh. Not a fan of this move. But a lot of people were overstating Happ's value.
  12. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Pretty sure Bouchard isn't in the deal. He's playing in the 2nd game of a double header tonight... Which is good, cause he sucks.
  13. I'm sure they're just doing their due diligence and keeping informed. Unless you can get him on the cheap, there are other needs here.
  14. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Meh. GMs and coaches are told they're safe all the time and then get canned. This opportunity probably didn't present itself a week or two ago.
  15. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Why bother playing at all then. Just forfeit the seasons until Golden State gets old.