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  1. Uhh... His record as a Leaf is 3-4 with a 3.27 GAA and a 0.887 SV%. He was a terrible relief goalie for the Leafs.
  2. If I was the GM of another team, I would absolutely take a chance on Nylander. Especially if it didn't take much in return.
  3. The Panthers are a one-line team. Being able to put Barkov against the Tavares line was a huge plus for the Panthers... especially with Matthews coming off injury and Nylander coming off a signing. Plus the Leaf powerplay was in the shitter when they played in Florida. Losing that ability to line match and having no depth on their team just killed them. Plus Matthews was on fire last night... as was the Leafs PP.
  4. I mean... Vasilevsky stood on his head. They hit the post 3 or 4 times. They played well. Ran into a hot goalie. Freddie was slightly below average.
  5. Random Thoughts #2

    Awesome... congrats man!
  6. I don't really buy this. It's a very "Don Cherry" way of looking at hockey. If anything, what I noticed in the Bruins game was that the Leafs deviated from playing their skill game - where they excel, and tried to play the "bang em up" game the Bruins are used to. The Leafs are built for speed and skill and need to stick to that. If they bring in one or two more physical guys, it's not going to change the way that Marner, Matthews, Nylander, Tavares, etc. play. The Leafs have some big bodies... they just need to use them a bit more. That said... I am going to point out (yet again) that the Leafs should never have let Boyle go. He was PERFECT for their fourth line. Big body, can kill penalties, can win faceoffs, willing to fight, etc. Perfect for this team. And they let him walk.
  7. He did not look great in Philly. I'm a little more upset about losing McBackup than Pickard.
  8. I hate that Leivo never really got a fair shake with the Leafs, but he will likely join Peter Holland, Mike Santorelli, and Richard Panik on the long list of third and fourth liners that the Leafs have had to move that went on to do very little. I'm glad the Leafs did him a solid and moved him out instead of dicking him around.
  9. No doubt. I used to be an Oilers fan, but outside of some of the actual players, I can't stand that entire organization. From the fans to the management to the coaching staff... it's such a shit show. And how do you cheer for players like Lucic and Kassian?
  10. Random Thoughts #2

    Good for you man. It's never too late to get back into it. I started playing actively again 3 years ago. I remember getting winded the first time I went to do my skates up with all my equipment on. Now I can throw it all on in 10 minutes. Also - side benefit of playing hockey.. I generally care a lot less about the Leafs. Which is kind of sad given how good they are now... but I don't get upset when they lose or anything, and I definitely don't follow them as religiously as I once did.
  11. The Oilers have had 8 head coaches in the last decade. Four first overall draft picks in that timeframe. They are such a shit show.
  12. His play in the regular season was ass. No denying it. But he was great in the playoffs, especially when paired up against the Bergeron line. He was not brought in to put up big numbers. He was brought in to shore up a centre core that was extremely weak beyond Matthews and Kadri. Management failed to address that in the offseason and therefore had to trade something if they wanted to try and do something in the playoffs. If the Leafs had actually advanced further in the playoffs, this trade would not look nearly as bad. Also - I don't think Plekanec was given top 6 minutes. At least not until Kadri got suspended in the playoffs. Matthews, Nylander, Hyman, Kadri, Marner, Marleau, JVR, Bozak, and Brown were all ahead of Plekanec. He was basically their 4th line C that had to play 2nd line when Kadri was suspended. It is entirely moot now with JT on the team, but if you go back to the deadline last year, the Leafs were weak at C.
  13. Plekanec was great for the Leafs in the playoffs. He was especially good when given the chance to step up during Kadri's suspension. He was worthless in the regular season, but he was absolutely worth the small gamble that it cost the Leafs to shore up their depth at center for a playoff run. Want to get mad at someone for last year's first round exit? Let's just start with the other centremen. How about Kadri for the hit that led to a 3 game suspension? How about Matthews? He had 2 points and was -4 in 7 games. How about Dominic Moore - the guy the Leafs signed in the offseason to actually play in Plekanec's position? He only got into two games, mostly because of the Kadri suspension. Let's move on to other positions. Freddie was extremely bipolar in the playoffs. When he was bad, he was terrible. When he was good, he was great. He finished the playoffs with a GAA of just under 4 and a SV% of less than 0.90. Not nearly good enough to win in the playoffs. I'm not even going to name the D that were bad in that series. They were all bad. Some were less bad than others. I don't think it's fair to criticize the very small gamble the Leafs took to get Plekanec. They needed help at that position, and it was an extremely affordable way to address it. The real failure was not addressing that before the season began. If anyone on the Leaf management team thought Dom Moore was a good option, they were absolutely kidding themselves. I have no idea if Brian Boyle would have signed with the Leafs, but he absolutely would have been the right choice to fill that slot. He's big, he wins faceoffs (mostly meaningless, but it shuts up the Steve Simmons of the world), he fights (shuts up the Don Cherrys), he hits (useful against a team like Boston), and most importantly.. he's not a liability on the ice. They ultimately paid almost the same amount of money to Dom Moore and Plekanec than Boyle would have cost them, and Boyle would have been a much better fit. He was also a great guy on the bench and in the locker room if you care about those "intangibles." FWIW, the Leafs didn't give Miro Altonen a sniff at the NHL level after being a dominant player for the Marlies. He took his talents to Europe. I view that as a bigger fuck up than bringing in Plekanec. Altonen got the Josh Leivo treatment, while the Leafs iced guys like Komarov and Moore.