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  1. Yes it is a thing. But it was also a weak team on a 7 game losing streak?
  2. Sounded like an awful game. I’m at a loss as to how they can shit the bed like this after such a stellar effort in TB. Back to back games isn’t cutting it for me.
  3. Need Sparks to have a game. Could really use these two points. Contain Barkov would be a good start.
  4. Sad. Does it seem that a lot of these guys don’t give a shit?
  5. Dubas needs to find a way to get better. Not sure how easy that’s gonna be.
  6. He wasn’t too bad the first half but lately he’s been the same ol Jake. Zaitsev and him don’t do well together.
  7. Avs goaltending has been awful. The rest of the team hasn’t been playing that bad. If Grubauer has a game we could be in trouble. Need a big game from Matthew line or Kadris or both.
  8. That’s good news. Hutch has been pretty good in relief.
  9. Yes of course. There is no room for slugs in the game anymore. We lose to the Bruins the way we play now so that isn’t working. The B’s just breeze into our zone without fear. That’s no good.
  10. That could work. The thing is we can’t stay status quo. You just can’t magically will this team to get heavier. To get past the Bruins you have to make them pay.
  11. I’m happy for Gards to get six mil as long as it’s not with the Leafs. He can go -5 in game 7 with someone else. I thought we played good enough to win tonight. We need a couple of tougher pieces.
  12. I don’t spin numbers. He does well playing with Jake. That’s a challenge for anybody. And yes I’ll believe Babs more than armchair coaches.
  13. Babs was raving about him last week. That’s good enough for me. I’m an old fart that doesn’t pay much attention to ANALytics. I just think he goes about his job without much fanfare.
  14. Zaitsev is steady . Not hanging any blame on him.
  15. Cork soaking Bruins. I still think we beat these diks.
  16. Yup, same old story. Just gotta keep pushin back against these dikwads.
  17. I think it will he a great deal too but in the back of my pessimistic mind I’m thinking Dubas got screwed.
  18. Of course if he didn’t cost much then for sure but Dubas would need to be desperate to do that. Guess what I’m saying he was worth a lot more before he signed than he currently is now. That will change I hope.