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  1. Well you ruined all the fun by Googling it, I use it as a shorter term for a throbbing cock. Which is what Sens are.
  2. Fuck these throbbers, lets paste them.
  3. We'll thrash them. Nylander to turn it on too.
  4. Shake the rust off, take the point, light up Pens tonight.
  5. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    Keep hold of him, then if at the end of the season, we can't agree terms, give him his carriage clock and send him on his way. Never know, he might thrive at a new team.
  6. It does if he's playing like shite.
  7. Why not? (not to be argumentative) poor run of games with the lad in, take him out. We start playing better.
  8. Good game, would you keep Gardiner out of the side? We've been playing better without him.
  9. I think we're in for a paddlin' however, it'll be a re-bound game, we'll play well, maybe lose by bad luck, or just paddle them.
  10. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I'd take Hutch over Sparks.
  11. Undeserved but you knew it was coming. Lets hope we can get a few of these chances in the onion bag.
  12. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I"d keep Hutch between the pipes, he is passing the eye test for me. Let steady Freddy get some training sessions in then put him back in.