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  1. Promoting Brown will definitely help the Leafs score goals lol Change the lines, but make at least make some smart changes.
  2. Point is, I wouldnt get worried by the record. If they played poorly, then maybe theres something there. But they've played them well and if they could keep that up for a 7 game series, they have a good chance of winning.
  3. Leafs need a top 4 dman, badly. The team isnt gonna win shit with Hainsey on the top pair.
  4. To be fair, they played well against the Lightning and the Bruins.
  5. What Sparks was doing on the Nyquist goal was beyond me. Glad they got a point. They've been playing pretty poorly for the last little stretch, they need to turn it back up.
  6. Im not mad at 6.9 for Nylander, and it'll probably be a steal as early as next year, but I think the Leafs definitely gave in at the end. I mean, I would've done the same thing. I wouldnt let Nylander sit a year just because of 300k annually.
  7. Im just basing this off of the report from Chris Johnston which said that Nylanders camp wanted a shade under 7 and Friedmans report after saying that both sides were 300k apart. Im assuming the Leafs wanted it at 6.7, but Nylander still ended up getting his shade under 7.
  8. Cause Nylander got what he wanted and the Leafs didnt.