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  1. They care, depending on the source. But I'm sure it remains in good fun, and probably doesn't matter to the point where it fucks up their week. Look how much NBA players care about their 2k ratings. It matters lol.
  2. Rumours floating Panarin is refusing to extend with Columbus. Leafs and San Jose inquiring.
  3. Leafs sign John Tavares

    Im going to get so fucking drunk that I shit my pants.
  4. Leafs sign John Tavares

  5. Prospect Watch

    Anybody have a prospect or two on their "wish list"?
  6. Kyle Dubas promoted to General Manager

    This decision was made a long time ago, when Colorado expressed interest in grabbing him. Glad we're going with the moneyball kid on this one.
  7. I want Dubas! Fuck the rest.
  8. I'm going to be calling for Marchands beheading when he touches Freddie tonight.
  9. He's being sarcastic you fuckos.
  10. Kryl... we're getting swept ya feel me
  11. Freddy 10-1 record against Boston. With that being said, Can't wait to get swept.
  12. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    You'd have to think Boston would much rather have a matchup with the Devils.
  13. It'll be good to have Komarov outta the lineup for a few games. Gives us a chance to see if we miss him or not.
  14. I would be very happy re-signing Bozak at his current cap hit.
  15. How much do y'all think Bozak will fetch on his next contract? And JVR as well? JVR will probably be out of our price range, as he's pretty much a proven 30+ goal scorer now.