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  1. Musta been a slow news day. Same rumour every year. Just wishful thinking by the media.
  2. I'd prefer to flip Z and Hainsey. Dermot and Z looked ok when Gardiner was out and sometimes Gardiner and Z just look lost.
  3. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    I wonder what number he wears? Can't have 6 (Ace Bailey).
  4. That was a $200k empty netter for Marner.
  5. Exactly. Adv Stats tell a story, but not the whole story. If Nylander was doing as good as last year he wouldn’t be on the fourth line and he wouldn’t be 4 points in 19 games and he wouldn’t be shooting 3 percent. He’ll come around, he just needs a kick in the ass. He should stay on the 4th until he learns to make the most of his ice time.
  6. I believe Marincin’s advanced stats are the same as last year as well....
  7. He hasn’t been working hard consistently. I’ve seen him give up on plays. Peel off to the bench instead of back checking. He might think he’s working hard, but obviously Babs doesn’t think so.
  8. There we go. Nylander works hard and gets a primary.
  9. Marincin looks to be in fine form....
  10. Nylander on the fourth line. I wonder if he takes the hint like Marner did or just feels sorry for himself?
  11. Has anyone else noticed the lack of second and third effort on puck recovery by Matthews? He was always the best at getting the puck back when stripped, but now he just seems to give up and do a fly-by. That worries me more than puck luck.