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    Very cool approach to the hiring process... "As the organization sought to add bodies to its scouting department, Dubas introduced an extra layer to the hiring process. Candidates filed scouting reports to an online system that masked their identity. This anonymity gave Dubas and his advisors the latitude to sift through the reports and flag the most qualified candidates without being influenced by things like gender, appearance, ethnicity, and age."
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    Im going to get so fucking drunk that I shit my pants.
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    Montreal requested a meeting with Tavares... Denied.
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    Joe Bowen will be broadcasters inductee into Hockey Hall of Fame.
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    Tampa advance to ECF. Boston eliminated in in 5 games.
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    The Leafs are holding up the Bruins from closing this in 5 games
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    The regular season is finally here!!!
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    Don't rush Freddy. Sparks is passable until he proves he's not. He's on the verge, but not there yet.
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    I think Ennis is doing good, but he’d be exposed pretty quickly against top six opponents.
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    Awesome... congrats man!
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    Congrats on all three counts. Life does move quickly doesn't it.
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    Boyle is a UFA at the end of the year. But $2.5 is too much for a 4th line centre with the cap crunch this team will have. Even if he had been re-signed he'd be let go this summer anyway.
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    Just move Arizona to Houston already.
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    Sandin & Liljegren will be loaned to Sweden for World Juniors.
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    Friedman from his 31 thoughts article: "Last Saturday on Headlines, Chris Johnston reported Toronto’s belief that William Nylander would be interested in a six-year deal at around $6.9 million per season. My best intel says that is not (yet) on the table, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be by 5:00 pm ET Dec. 1, when this phase of the dispute mercifully comes to its end. I think the two sides are around $300,000/year apart. The problem is that both Toronto and Nylander think they’ve significantly moved off their original positions, so they get to a point where they don’t want to go further and dig in again. That might not sound like a lot, but Edmonton fans will remember Ryan Smyth was traded in 2007 when talks collapsed with both sides $100,000 apart A few things on Nylander: Toronto has told teams it will not take on salary that disrupts its future cap situation, making a trade unlikely — although some have tried. I’ve also searched for three-way possibilities, and am under the impression that’s an unlikely path. Their preferred option is still to sign him. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-senators-melnyk-scrambling-save-arena-deal/
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    Yes. This will be either an 8-7 game or a 1-0 game
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    Remember when Arizona took Dylan Strome ahead of Marner? I was actually hoping we'd land Strome. Glad I was wring on that one...
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    I've been thinking about this now for a few days...how good of an idea would it be to give Morgan Rielly captaincy instead of Tavares or Matthews?
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    Ron Hainsey needs to be fired out of a Canon...
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    I don't think it was a crackdown on fighting, just that teams figured out there's better use of a roster spot than carrying a goon who can't do anything other than have staged fights.
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    The price to pay to keep a guy in Winterpeg.
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    They can sign the "big three" to 8 years. Tavares can only sign 7 as a UFA.
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    Vladdy Jr. joining Buffalo on Tuesday.
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    It’s not clear, because he has a contract with Rogle of SHL, but he’s also eligible to play in the Soo and the Marlies. It might be one of those things where they get a look at him in camp and they try to pinpoint where he should play.
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    Turns out Uncle Eugene instructed Pierre Dorion to deal Hoffman outside the division, so nice middle finger right there.
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    This is slightly lopsided. Bergevin is dumb.
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    We've known Dubas was going to be our GM someday for years now. He's always been the guy.
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    Jake and Willy for Doughty and a prospect/+pick
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    My ass is clenched so tight I need a laxative to fart...
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    Jake Gardiner on his roughing call in Game 5 against Zdeno Chara: “I hit Chara’s fist with my face, I guess that was the penalty.” How did it feel? “Not great.”
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    They should have their hands over their ears, not their hearts....
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    The Tomas Plekanec Game: 17:58 TOI (previous high as a Leaf was 14:05) 1 assist 2 shots +2 Bergeron line: 0 points GOAT
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    Corsica@CorsicaHockey If it's any consolation, the Leafs are leading in Corsi.
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    Leafs have skill and speed, but can't match Boston's drive, heart, and determination. That will likely be the turning point in this series, whether or not the Leafs can dig deep and match the Bruins relentlessness.
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    Carrick expected in the lineup tomorrow night, with Polak sitting.
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    Amazing the difference when the defence can actually skate and pass and isn’t Roman Polak for 20 minutes a night.